UTN 1st Year- Discipleship School


The purpose of the Discipleship School is to make disciples of the students so they can inturn make disciples. This school is for those who want to learning more about the foundations of a strong Christian walk with Jesus, do His ministry, become a leader of a Discipleship Group(s) in their sphere of the & Mountains of Culture.  T

Those who will attend UTN and complete the 1st & 2nd years can possibly take a leadership position in Children’s Life International or one of it’s ministries.

This school will prepare the students for real Christian life and ministry in the world by teaching them some of the most important foundational truths in the Word of God, how to live them and manifest them to others.

Desired Results

Once this school is completed the students should be able to walk with Jesus in relationship and child like faith, study and and meditate on the Word of God, pray and receive answers, intercede for others, live in the fruit of the Spirit, minister in the gifts of the Spirit as well as heal the sick and cast out demons and evangelize those around them. 

After being prepared to be a strong Spirit-filled, fruit bearing Christian who can move in the gifts of the Spirit they will be ready for the 2nd year of UTN- Leadership School which will prepare the students for Christian leadership in personal life, ministry, the 7 Mountains of Culture and a possible place on the Children's Life International Ministry Team.

7 Courses 6 Weeks Each

1. Biblical Foundations for Life- 6 WKS

    (12 thin books on the foundations of the Christian faith and 1 book on           prayer and communion with God)

2. Faith, Prayer & the Word

    (2 books on faith, 2 booklets on prayer and 3 free PDF downloads)

3. Supernatural Life in the Spirit

    (3 books on life with the Holy Spirit and His gifts)

4. Freedom from Darkness

    (3 books on getting free from & overcoming the powers of darkness)


After finishing the Freedom from Darkness Course your will join in on a group online seminar with more teaching and prayers for your freedom

5. Prayer & Evangelism

    (2 books on prayer with evangelism & 2 books on supernatural evangelism)

6. The Blood of Jesus & Personal Healing

    (2 books about the power of the blood of Jesus, 1 book on healing and 2 smaller books on receiving healing)

7. Ministry Training

    (2 powerful manuals on ministering healing and deliverance)


Children's Life International has a group tax exemption and ministry covering with The Fellowship Network. 


Port Isabel, TX

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