Equipping a Generation to Live Like Jesus Lived & Do What Jesus Did


To equip a generation of preschool to college age children & youth to be radical laid down lovers, wholly given with reckless devotion to Jesus who will live like He lived and do what He did everywhere they are sent into the world in the seven spheres of influence of culture and society which are business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family and religion.


University to the Nations (UTN) was birthed for the purpose of training, equipping, sending, and supporting young adults to work with the ministries of Children’s Life International.

​ UTN is a ministry of Children’s Life International which is under the spiritual covering of The Fellowship Network, Irving TX with whom we have our group tax exemption and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, Mechanicsburg, PA.

God has led us to create a ministry & missions university that’s affordable for all with low cost ministry training & equipping along with personal discipleship and spiritual parenting and a chance for full-time ministry with Children’s Life International.

UTN is a nondenominational school of the Spirit with Charismatic beliefs, meaning we believe the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit haven't ended. We believe that all Believers that are Spirit-filled and Spirit led can do the works of Jesus with the Holy Spirit like in the Gospels and Acts.


There has been many delays in going back to the Philippines for us. By the grace of God we hope to be back before the end of 2021 and planting THE BASE, our first Children's Life Center and UTN. For the Filipinos UTN will be free.

The University to the Nations will eventually become a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit & Fire baptized preschool, grade school, junior high school, senior high school and accredited university in the Philippines.



Children's Life International has a group tax exemption with The Fellowship Network and is a member of the Global Awakening Apostolic Network


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Ministering in the Rio Grande Valley of TX and Throughout Latin America & the Caribbean 

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