Equipping a Generation to Live Like Jesus Lived & Do What Jesus Did


To see a generation of Spirit led, Spirit filled fruit bearing Christian youth & young adults become radical laid down lovers wholly given with reckless devotion to Jesus. They will live like He lived and do what He did while demonstrating and releasing the Kingdom of God into the 7 Mountains of society of the one or more of them they are called to which are religion, family, education, government, media, arts & entertainment and business.


University to the Nations (UTN) was birthed for the purpose of training, equipping, sending, and supporting youth and young adults to work with the ministries of Children’s Life International.

​ UTN is a ministry of Children’s Life International which is under the spiritual covering of The Fellowship Network, Irving TX with whom we have our group tax exemption. 

God has led us to create a ministry, leadership & missions university that’s affordable for all with low cost ministry training & equipping along with personal discipleship and spiritual parenting and a chance for full-time ministry with Children’s Life International and or to be sent out into their mountain(s) of influence under the apostolic covering of Children's Life International.

UTN is a nondenominational school of the Spirit with Charismatic beliefs, which means we believe the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit are still for today. We believe that all Believers that are Spirit-filled and Spirit led can do the works of Jesus with the Holy Spirit like in the Gospels and Acts.


1st Year- Discipleship School

Discipleship School teaches the students the foundations for a Spirit-filled Christian Life and how to live them out successfully in everyday life and ministry.

2nd Year- Leadership & Ministry School

Leadership & Ministry School is a lot more intense as far as studies and active hands on assignments. This school is the student's  final preparation before graduating UTN and being sent out to begin plant y cells, house or micro churches and Children's Life Centers as a team member of Children's Life International.


We do not promise that anyone will be asked to join our ministry team and work with us in full-time ministry. A student might be asked to begin the vetting process of becoming a team member if you do the work, show your sincere, meet weekly for Q&A with prayer, have proof of a Godly life and character and a real calling to ministry we will look at you. Along with that you will have to be on fire for Jesus, willing to forsake all to follow Him and become a laid down lover, wholly given with reckless devotion even unto death if need be and raise most of not all of your own financial support. Finally if you do well in your video conferencing interview, write a good one page single spaced paper on why you want to join the team and all of this agrees with the Holy Spirit and our team then there is a great chance you will be asked to join us for a six month trial period of more training with full-time ministry with us. Once that is accomplished then you will be asked to be a full-time team member of Children’s Life International and you can work on our Missions Base, in the local UTN and plant your own micro churches with our continued help, prayer and gentle oversite.


Distance Learning

With the distance learning format and our Simple Self Study System all your study with be done from your home.

Once you have filled out your application  and have been accepted into UTN you will pay for your first course and we will send you the links to purchase the course materials and all the information for study and homework. Once you have completed the course study and all the homework in a satisfactory way you will receive credit for the course which will count towards your graduating from UTN once all required courses are completed. There are no tests given or grades. So it up to the students on how much they get out of each course.

With each course the students will have 6 weeks to complete which includes proof of all homework assignments being completed and submitted through email for all books and or manuals in the course.

Students must complete the Discipleship School and the Leadership school in one year each equaling two years total. This gives the students the ability each year to chose when they might take a week or two off for a break or they can just go straight through all the courses.

Live Classroom

By 2022 we hope to have a live classroom setting in the Philippines. 


All the materials for these courses in UTN have been personally studied by Pastor Steve who began ministry in 1990 and his tens of thousands of hours of personal study, preaching and training leaders in many countries.

The materials in these courses are handpicked by the leading of the Holy Spirit from some of the most gifted and anointed ministers who teach on the subject matter in the world and will change from time to time for many reasons

All books and manuals which you can purchase in hardcopy or Kindle form are purchased by the students and the PDFs, audios and videos are given to you online by link or live webinar or recorded and are FREE. If you purchase the Kindle form of the course materials you will be required to convert it to a PDF and print it for you personal study and for teaching others in the future.
Books & manuals will cost an average between $30-$60 depending in the course, where you purchase them and will have shipping costs.

 Self-study takes a lot of discipline so a syllabus with a study and homework plan will be provided with reach course to keep the students on time with their weekly schedules to complete the course on time.



We have no connection to or any agreement with any of the ministries or vendors from which you will purchase the course materials from. We have chosen these materials because they are teaching in in them those things, we and the Spirit deem important for your study, growth, and future ministry.


All students are required with all printed materials to highlight with a highlighter the things that catch their attention or the Holy Spirit highlights in their spirit. This will be used for future study and for teaching the materials in their ministry or church.

Before starting each course, the students will need to purchase a composition book which they will use for notes written down for the highlighted areas of their study materials.

Some materials will require the students to fill out questions or notes.

Course materials will be discussed on the weekly call and the monthly group meeting to make sure the students are comprehending the materials or have questions.

All students entering UTN must understand that all their studies with us can not only change their lives but the lives of those they will minister to in the future.


There will be personal phone calls every week between the students and Pastor Steve to begin to establish a relationship, for them to ask questions and for prayer. This is because we will be building a close and trusting relationship over your two years at UTN that we hope will carry on with you as a ministry team member and a part valuable part of the Children’s Life International family for a life-time. We also as a group meet once monthly by video conferencing for a couple of hours to discuss the materials and pray and there will be an online discipleship group for more teaching, ministry time and prayer for 60-90 minutes each week.


Children's Life International has a group tax exemption and ministry covering with The Fellowship Network. 


Port Isabel, TX


SKYPE Phone: 1- 956-524-3765

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