UTN DS- The Holy Spirit & His Gifts           

(1 week each book)


  1. The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

  2. The Fruit of the Spirit: Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be

  3. Life With the Holy Spirit: Enjoying Intimacy With the Spirit of God

Required Homework

Required homework is for a certificate for each course, graduation certificate for each school and possible UTN graduation and joining our ministry team.


​You have one week to study each book/manual unless otherwise stated with a course.

As you read through each book/manual you will highlight with a highlighter any sentence, phrase or paragraph that really speaks to you and you want to remember and go back to restudy in the future. It’s like your creating Cliff-notes for each book. Another thought to have in mind also when reading and highlighting is looking for things that seem important enough for you to reteach those you will be teaching in the future since this is the purpose of UTN which is to equip you to be able to teach and minister to others. You will need to show proof of this work and could be asked as to why you highlighted something and we will also look  to see if you highlighted those things we though were needed for learning and restudy and teaching others. If needed, we can work with you by video chat to teach you how this is done and our thinking behind what we highlight.

Your final homework assignment is you take a clear pic with your cell of one page from each chapter that seems the most important to you and in an email attach it and give a 100-150 word reason of why you chose this page and highlights. This will be discussed in your weekly call with Pastor Steve.

All courses in each school, the Discipleship School & the Leadership & Ministry School must be completed one right after the other in the allotted time. After the DS you can take a one-month break before you begin the LMS

If you want UTN credit towards graduation and being helped in starting your own ministry with Children’s Life International, all homework assignments must be fully completed.

All books and manuals which you can purchase in hardcopy or Kindle form are purchased by the students and the PDFs, audios and videos are given to you online by link or live webinar or recorded and are FREE. If you purchase the Kindle form of the course materials you will be required to convert it to a PDF and print it for your personal study, homework and for teaching others in the future.
Books & manuals will cost an average between $30-$60 depending in the course, where you purchase them and shipping costs.

All courses must be done in the order shown.

Please have all hard copy books purchased one to two weeks before you begin your course so you will not be delayed, and you will be responsible to purchase all of them to pass the course. So, by the time you are on your second book/manual in a course it will be time to purchase the next course and order the materials so you can complete all the courses in time.

If you are struggling financially to purchase the books or Kindle version, then please contact us and we will see how we can help.



We have no connection to or any agreement with any of the ministries or vendors from which you will purchase the course materials from. We have chosen these materials because they are teaching in in them those things, we and the Spirit deem important for your study, growth, and future ministry.


REMEMBER, these studies are preparing you for possible full-time ministry with Children's Life International.

We and God take these studies very seriously because they cannot only change your life and others but also keep you and those you will teach these materials to from unneeded suffering because of ignorance of God’s Word.

We pray that God will bless you with your studies and give you the revelation you need to transform your life and those you will teach.

We look forward to establishing a good and Godly relationship with you during the season of your studies with UTN and hopefully beyond.



We do not promise that anyone will be asked to join our ministry team and work with us in full-time ministry. A student might be asked to begin the vetting process of becoming a team member if you do the work, show your sincere, meet weekly for Q&A with prayer, have proof of a Godly life and character and a real calling to ministry we will look at you. Along with that you will have to be on fire for Jesus, willing to forsake all to follow Him and become a laid down lover, wholly given with reckless devotion even unto death if need be and raise most of not all of your own financial support. Finally if you do well in your video conferencing interview, write a good one page single spaced paper on why you want to join the team and all of this agrees with the Holy Spirit and our team then there is a great chance you will be asked to join us for a six month trial period of more training with full-time ministry with us. Once that is accomplished then you will be asked to be a full-time team member of Children’s Life International and you can work on our Missions Base, in the local UTN and plant your own micro churches with our continued help, prayer and gentle oversite.



How to convert Kindle Books to PDF using free software

If you live in an area where Amazon can be accessed and do not have the money to print the book/manual, then you can convert to a PDF online. You can then highlight with your mouse any sentence, phrase or paragraph that really speaks to you and you want to remember and go back to restudy in the future. Then open a WORD DOC and copy and paste from the PDF to the WORD DOC what you highlighted. Title each chapter at the top of the WORD DOC page # if possible and keep all in the order from the beginning of the chapter to the end and do this with each chapter.


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