The Children's Life International's
Philippines Missions Base

THE BASE will be the headquarters of Children's Life International and will contain the offices and all the ministries for this ministry.  

THE BASE will be an international & multigenerational Holy Spirit & Fire Apostolic Center, 24/7 House of Prayer and Revival Hub which will house God's Glory, His manifest Presence.

THE BASE will have healing rooms, deliverance teams and prayer ministry teams there to meet the needs of those who come 5-7 days a week.

THE BASE will be used for all ages to be discipled, spiritually parented, trained and equipped for ministry to others, how to make disciples and for leadership in our discipleship groups.

THE BASE will have no pew sitters or spectators because all who come will be committed to living like Jesus lived & doing what Jesus did in their daily lives at home, work or play.

THE BASE will send out those who have been prepared at the University to the Nations into the 7 spheres of cultural influence which are religion, family, education, government, media, arts, & business for local church & workplace ministry, regional and national outreach ministry and church planting as well as global missions.

THE BASE has a mission to reach the poor, especially the children in the city, region and nation and we will spend the largest percentage of our financial and material resources in doing so.


Children's Life International has a group tax exemption and ministry covering with The Fellowship Network. 


Port Isabel, TX


SKYPE Phone: 1- 956-524-3765

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