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Philippines Ministry Now!

Up to date info, pics and videos on our work in the Philippines.

As of 2023 since we arn't there personally we are sending $100 once a month to help two grand parents and their three grand children who don't have enough to eat. We are keeping them accountable for all spent and they have been faithful and thankful.

We have also helping for the children to have birthday parties since this is the only celebration they have each year.

The Philippines have very powerful dry seasons with temps in the 90s and well as humidity in the 90s. This has recently caused the grandmother to have heat exhaustion. The lastest was last night 4/24/23. We didnt know if it was here blood suger or blood pressure because these are always present. Then she spoke of the heat and the Spirit revealed to us much of here sufferning was from the heat and not the other two infirminities.

God has told us to place glass windows in her small home we built, a ceiling because it's only open refters and a medal roof and put in an aircon to keep here and her husband cool when the hottest. We will also pay for the electric bill each month for the aircon.

All of this we are paying out of our own pockets and not through anyones giving since there isn't anyone yet helping to support this work. No boasting but truth. We're giving all we have after bills are paid to do this. It's God's will and the best we can do until we return.

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