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Mission & Vision


To Spend and be Spent to Reach Poor Children in the Philippines and other Deeply Impoverished Areas and Minister to Their Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Material, Financial & Educational Needs


It is a Vision that from our Missions Base and through our (CLIU) Children's Life International University that has Discipleship & Leadership Schools we will train, equip, send and support our students and graduates to fulfill this Mission. 

It is a Vision that at our Missions Base it will contain all the ministries and a fully functioning Children’s Life Center that will have a CLIU and Family Discipleship Groups to meet the spiritual needs of the local communities that come to the Centers.

It is a Vision that  all will be acomplished in the name of Jesus, through intercession, spiritual warfare, the preaching and teaching of the Word along with our ministry partners in an Outpouring of the Spirit and a sustained Revival.

It is a Vision that we will minister to, disciple, spiritually parent, train, equip, send, and support local and international youth, young adults and those older but young at heart to become radical, yielded, laid down lovers, holy given with reckless devotion to Jesus as Lord and Savior who will live like He lived and do what He did at any cost.

It is a Vision that these equipped radical leaders and missionaries who are prepared to spend and be spent will be working alongside us in the day-to-day hands-on ministry and will be sent into the surrounding neighborhoods to establish KID’S LIFE CLUBS for evangelistic outreaches to the poor children and their families with Family Discipleship Groups in homes to minister more specificallt to the spiritual needs os all ages.

It is a Vision that as the numbers of radical leaders and missionaries grow some will be sent out to go and plant other Children’s Life Centers in different locations nationally and possibly internationally.

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