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As of  April 2020, God spoke to me not to have a store or charge for anything with set donations or fees acept for our short-term missions trips. He said to make known to the public the needs of the ministry and He would speak to them to give.

This is my obedience to that word from God.

Children's Life International, which is a nonprofit ministry is not a part of any ministry that financially supports us. We are solely supported by faith in God and your giving.

Our Return to the Philippines

At one of the shakiest times in modern human world history God is speaking to us about our return to the Philippines.

We are preparing now in all ways possible to return by December this year if the COVID19 rules in the US, Philippines and world are relaxed by then to be able to enter the country.

This is the only place on earth we really feel we belong and have great favor with the poor children and their families.

So please keep us in prayer and give as you can so we can fulfill or call to the poor children of the world.

In this missionary ministry we must remain fluid because we don't always know ahead of time what will happen in a country or with the moving of the Spirit.

We have a contingency plan if the Philippines or the world doesn't open back up as needed. We will choose one to the poorest areas of child poverty in the US and move there right in and among the children and their families and begin to meet their needs.

Phoebe who is Filipino, will become a US citizen as soon as the USCIS offices open again. It has been over a 3 year wait for this to happen so we can travel again internationally.

We've lived in the Philippines and have ministered to the children and their families. So, we again have counted the cost, have been healed after suffering much adversity in the past and the love of Jesus still compels us. By the grace of God and years of hands on experience, we know how to do this ministry and we love the children. Every time we go out to minster and see the smiles on their faces, their laughter and excitement when they see us coming brings us great joy and hope. There is nowhere else we would rather be in this world.

Lord, here we are, send us!


  • Multiple Airline Tickets, Visas,  Travel & Start-Up Expenses

  • Housing Rent & Expenses, Plus Food

  • Appliances & Furniture

  • Generator & Solar Power

  • Motorcycle

If your interested in a more indepth lists with estimates of the financial needs please contact us and we will send it to you.

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will be give multiple ways to give


This ministry includes feeding, clothing, flip flops & shoes, ministry materials, rentals & fees and travel expenses etc. etc.

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will be give multiple ways to give


Children's Life International has a group tax exemption and ministry covering with The Fellowship Network. 


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