lll. Holy Spirit Foundations Course Materials

HOMEWORK: With only one month to complete you will have to go through each book in 10 days.  

If you want UTN credit towards graduation and being helped in starting your own ministry with Children’s Life International, all homework assignments must be fully completed.

Before starting each course you will need to purchase a cheap composition book which you will use for notes which can be used for your paper you will write on the material you read, listen to and watch.

We strongly suggest that with the printed materials you highlight with a highlighter the things that catch your attention. This can be used for future study and for teaching the materials in your ministry or church.

With every printed material, download, audio or video you will take notes of anything that catches your attention or the Holy Spirit highlights and write them in your journal for that class. With reading materials, you will give the book name, chapter, page number and approximate paragraph number. With the audio and video materials you will give the title and the approximant minutes where you wrote the notes from. Then for each class you will write a summation for each book of all you learned using your notes and place them on a single spaced 1-2-page paper. Title each paper with the book title. Save this on your computer and then send in an email attached for review.

Attach and send in an email to GoUTN@gmail.com. Subject: Holy Spirit Foundations (name of book) Paper. Email Content: Your name, phone #, book name for each book.

There are no grades given. A certificate of completion towards graduation from UTN can be provided with the completion of the homework assignments emailed as well as giving possible proof of your journal and highlighted books. You might even be asked to explain by video conferencing some of the things you wrote in your paper for better understanding for us and yourself.

*All materials are the student’s responsibility to purchase and are linked to their web destinations. Just click on the underlined area and you will be taken to the corresponding website. If the materials aren't available on the linked website then you can try AmazonChristian Book or the ministries website. Contact us if you need any help @ 614-579-8384 and leave a message with your name and phone number and why your calling and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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