ll. Faith Foundations Course Materials

The subject of faith and how to use faith to receive from God is probably the number one least understood and most misunderstood by most Christians today. The Word of God says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God and the just shall live by faith.”

Therefore, it is the second course in the UTN 1st Year Discipleship School right after Christian Foundations. Faith is one of the most basic foundational subjects in the Word of God and not known by many Christians how to allow it to function in their lives.

Materials can take up to two weeks to be delivered by mail so please order before you start the course. Children’s Life International & UTN aren’t affiliated with any of these ministries or sellers we are directing to for materials and don’t receive any compensation from them either. We just believe they provide the best materials for the subject you’re studying.

This course is a required course of University to the Nations. If you want to receive a certificate of competition towards your graduation with UTN then you will have to complete the homework assignments. These are advised to do also for your betterment and gaining a deeper knowledge and revelation of the materials.

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  1. You Already Got It! Book or Study Guide (Est. $40)

  2. You Already Got It! YouTube Videos Pt1Pt2Pt3Pt4

You've Already Got It! Is a book filled with the good news that God's response isn't based on the things you must do; it's based on what Jesus did. As you read, you'll gain the knowledge to trust God. It's only the truth you know that will set you free!

  1. The Balance of Grace & Faith 20- 28 Minute YouTube Videos or 5- 60+ minute YouTube Audios

  2. The Balance of Grace & Faith Study Guide (Est. $40)

Grace and faith are both essential ingredients in our walk with the Lord. However, emphasize either to the exclusion of the other and the imbalance will make it difficult to receive from God. This lack of understanding has led to much confusion, frustration, and disappointment in the Body of Christ.

In this book, The Balance of Grace & Faith it will clearly explain how living in the balance of the two will change your relationship with God forever.


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