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A group of 3-15 people including children who meet weekly outside a church building. Empowered by the Spirit through prayer, their purpose is to transform lives through community, discipleship, evangelism, and multiplication.

Equip Church Global Cell Group Member Qualifications

Our cell groups are made up of children, youth, young adults and their families who are Pre-Christians or new Christians who don't have a home church. We do not accept anyone else into a cell group! We have a specific call and grace of God to only minister to those we have stated above.

Equip Cell Group Member Steps

Step 1- Attend

Attend regularly and participate in a cell group

Step 2- Basic Foundations

As soon as you become a part of a cell group start the Basic Foundation Course. This is done at home in your free time with a coach so you can learn the foundational truths and doctrines of Christianity. This also so that all who are a part of EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL have the same teaching and beliefs. 

Step 3- Freedom Ministry

After the Basic Foundation Course is personally completed you will be given materials to study so you can go through a Freedom Class and Sessions. You will learn about getting free from sin, your personal & generational past and from the spiritual and worldly darkness. You will be prayed for to receive freedom and equipped how to stay free in Jesus.

Step 4-  Equip University

Once you go through the first 3 Steps your cell leaders can possibly choose you to voluntarily attend EQUIP UNIVERSITY to be trained and equipped to be a cell group leader and more.

Discipleship Levels


Level 1: KNOW JESUS (3- 5 Years)


Level 2: GROW IN JESUS (6-12 Years)

Level 3: FOLLOW JESUS (13-17 Years)

Level 4: GO FOR JESUS (18-25 Years) 

Level 5: LEAD WITH JESUS (26 Years & Older)