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EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL is a multicultural multigenerational apostolic equipping cell-driven church & global network that makes disciples that make disciples and quips everyone to do the ministry of Jesus.

EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL is a church planting, missions sending community with a focus on meeting the needs of poor children and their families globally.

EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL doesn't think of it's members a sheep to keep in a Sunday morning pen but as an army of well-trained soldiers to be released into the world to take the Kingdom of God with them and to release it to overrun and destroy the kingdom of darkness wherever they are sent.

EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL is a cell-driven church. It's a church made up of cells and not a church with cells. The difference being is that cells are the core of the church, all pastoring and ministry among the members happens in the cell groups and Pastor Steve oversees it all. Cells are the church!

EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL members will begin in a cell, always remain in some type of a cell group and be strongly encouraged to become a cell leader and plant their own cells.

The cell church strategy focuses on preparing God's people to serve. It’s guiding people from sitting in church to helping them go through a process of training, cell involvement, and cell leadership.

The purpose of cell groups is to make disciples that make disciples!

EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL will equip all cell members and cell group leaders through our Discipleship Track and those who will be future cell leaders and cell-driven church planters and missionaries through our Leadership Track called EQUIP UNIVERSITY.

EQUIP CHURCH GLOBAL is also different in it's approach to cell groups in that they can be planted not just in homes but also anywhere within the 7 Spheres of Cultural Influence. This can be done by any member who has been a part of a cell, gone through the Discipleship & Leadership Tracks in the EQUIP UNIVERSITY and has been released by their cell leader to expand into a new cell.

The cell groups can meet any where and any time of the week.

Once there are enough cells then we will begin to have Celebration Gatherings with all cells coming together for community, strengthening, fellowship, teaching and preaching of the Word, and for corporate worship, prayer and ministry time publicly and or online.