The Children's Life Centers are a community outreach ministry that are open to children and their families of all faiths and beliefs. The Centers are the base of operations for all local ministry for those who will come to the Centers to receive all they offer and for all the outreaches that come out of the Centers to minister to the needs in their established area.

Depending on the country, culture and local government the goal for each Center is that it will offer through it's University to the Nations trained and equipped ministry workers, the love of Jesus in action. This will be accomplished in offering in a daily meal, food supplies, water, clothing, showers, prayer ministry for healing and wholeness, discipleship, pastoral care and counsel, preschool to high school education, English language classes, fitness fun and nutrition instruction, small business and micro farming training. Whenever possible each Center as a local community center will have a kitchen and cafeteria, rooms to house our workers, outdoor areas for a playground, school and job training activities with a small soccer field and basketball and volleyball courts.

For those who become Christians in each Center we will have Family Life Groups set up in local homes and businesses to give pastoral care and discipleship.

Again our goal is to attempt to meet as many local children's and family’s needs as possible by demonstrating the love of Jesus in action and not in words only.

It is evangelism, mercy ministry and discipleship by love.


Children's Life International has a group tax exemption with The Fellowship Network and is a member of the Global Awakening Apostolic Network


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Ministering in the Rio Grande Valley of TX and Throughout Latin America & the Caribbean 

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