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Training & Equipping a Generation to Live Like Jesus Lived & Do What Jesus Did
UNIVERSITY TO THE NATIONS  is a ministry that trains and equips a generation of children up to young adults at their level of maturity and understanding with mature spiritual oversite to live like Jesus did and do what Jesus did while in an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 
3 Schools
1. Discipleship School
You will learn to live and walk in the foundations of Christianity and be a strong fruitful Christian.
2. School of Supernatural Evangelism
In an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit you will learn how to walk in, be led by, and live in the Holy Spirit, carry His Presence wherever you go to do the ministry of Jesus.
3. Leadership & Ministry School
You will become a Micro Church planter which is the direction Jesus is moving in today. You will learn all needed to spiritually parent, make disciples that make disciples and lead a generation of new Believers.
Finish the Leadership & Ministry School and earn 13.5 credits of advanced standing that could be transferred to Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary.
Tuition for All
Sliding Fee Scale 
Students are required to purchase their course materials
Global Network & Ministry Team
Complete all 3 schools and graduate from UTN and apply to become a part of our global network and ministry team.

5 Levels of  Generational

Training & Equipping


Level 1: KNOW JESUS (3- 5 Years)


Level 2: GROW IN JESUS (6-12 Years)

Level 3: FOLLOW JESUS (13-17 Years)

Level 4: GO FOR JESUS (18-25 Years) 

Level 5: LEAD WITH JESUS (26 Years & Older)


Abba Father, In Jesus Name help me to become and live as a radical yielded laid down lover wholly give with reckless to Jesus so I can live like He lived and do what He did. Baptize me afresh with the Holy Spirit and Fire and allow Him to rest upon me and remain by You working inwardly a never ending sanctification unto holiness in me so this is possible while living in an Outpouring of the Spirit that will never end. AMEN!


By God's Spirit, Word, Grace & Faith I Will Daily,

Love, Obey & Follow Jesus at Any Cost

Love All Believers & Mankind 

Seek His Face & Carry His Presence

Study, Memorize & Mediate on His Word

Intercede for Family, Friends & the Lost

Pray for an Outpouring of His Spirit

Go On a Treasure Hunt for Lost Souls

Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom

Make Disciples That Make Disciples

Baptize All in the Holy Spirit & Fire

Manifest the Fruit & Gifts of the Spirit

Heal the Sick & Cast Out Demons

Raise the Dead & Cleanse the Lepers

Give To Those Who Minister To Us

Help & Give to Those in Need!