Pastor Steve

Steve has had a relationship with Jesus since 1990. His ministry experience has been rather vast as he has been manifesting the love and doing the works of Jesus through the Word and the fruit and gifts of the Spirit for many years to all ages. By the grace of God, he have been making disciples, training leaders, doing ministry one-on-one, on the streets, in apartment complexes, in homes, churches, local missions, and feeding and clothing children and their families in the US. Steve have also been blessed to do ministry and missions work in Africa, Dominican Republic and the Philippines in churches, the bush and jungles through meetings, leadership conferences, crusades and mercy ministry outreaches for many months at a time.

Ministry Qualifications

  • Called by Jesus

  • Over 30 years in ministry

  • Ordained Minister

  • Certified Chaplain

  • Fitness Center owner 20 years

  • Certified Strength Coach

  • Certified Sports Performance Coach

  • Certified Christian Life Coach

  • Founder of nonprofits, My Father's House Ministries International & Co-Founder of H.E.L.P. House Community Outreach Center

  • Hor. D.D. - Oval Bible College, Lake Charles, LA, USA

  • IIFBC Certified Christian Counselor & Certified Faith Based Clinical Counselor

  • Kids in Ministry International- Supernatural School of Children's Ministry Certification

  • Let's Play Today Certified Instructor 

  • Co-Founder & President of Children's Life International & (UTN) University to the Nations

  • ACE Certified Facilitator

Pastor Phoebe

Phoebe who is from the Philippines originally, grew up with parents who were Bible college teachers and pastors. She has been ministering to the needs of children, teaching and leading worship since around 1997. She has amazing favor with and a powerful love for children that causes them to gravitate to her everywhere she goes. Because of her deep and intimate relationship with Jesus, her worship always has His presence upon it, and everyone is touched and experiences His great love for them.

It is through our blessed marriage which is two people working as one who both have a deep love and passion for Jesus and desire to give it away to poor children and their families, along with our different God given talents, gifts and life experiences that allows this ministry to do what it does.

Ministry Qualifications

  • Called by Jesus

  • Over 20+ years of life and ministry experience with children

  • 2 Years towards teaching degree in Philippines

  • Ordained Minister

  • Kids in Ministry International- School of Supernatural Children's Ministry Certification 

  • Let's Play Today Certified Instructor

  • Co-Founder of Children's Life International & UTN, Children's Ministry Director & Worship Leader

Over 50 Years of Combined Ministry Experience in 5 Nations

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in." Matthew 25:35

Our Vision

To Minister to the Needs of Impoverished Children in the World

Our Mission

To go into the impoverished areas of the world to meet the needs of the children by demonstrating to them the love of Jesus by providing food, clean water, clothing, shelter, healing, freedom, wholeness, discipleship, pastoral care and a Christ-centered education. All of this while training them along with other youth and young adults to fulfill the same mission.

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Evangelistic Outreach to 3- 12-year olds who live in impoverished areas



Local community center set in an impoverished area to meet all the people’s needs


Small discipleship groups for teaching, pastoral care, evangelism, prayer, fellowship, and multiplication



Equipping a generation to live like Jesus lived & do what Jesus did in the 7 spheres of cultural influence which are religion, family, education, government, media, arts, & business and to minister to the needs of impoverished children and their families wherever they are and whenever they can as a minister of Children’s Life International


International multigenerational Holy Spirit & Fire Apostolic Center, 24/7 House of Prayer and Revival Hub which will house God's Glory, and spiritually parent, disciple, train & equip all member for the work of the ministry for their lives, families, neighborhoods, and workplace with a strong focus of ministering to the needs of impoverished children and their families locally, regionally, nationally and globally



Short-term missions trips that work with impoverished children and their families

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