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9 Month Discipleship School
Total Immersion Intensive
"Making Disciples That Make Disciples"

The University to the Nations 1st Year- 9 Month Discipleship School Total Immersion Intensive was created to fit what God is doing in our day.

The University to the Nations was meant to take 2 + years to complete but God and the urgency of our day has changed our thinking. We don't have years any more to prepare new Christians or even mature Christians for the revival God is beginning to bring in the US and world. They need to be discipled very quickly with teaching, mature oversite and with much prayer. They need to be prepared to go out into their worlds and make disciples that make disciples as soon as possible so none will be lost in this great revival and harvest.

Benefits of Completing the School

The School is six courses for six weeks each.

Join the School and be discipled and mentored into becoming a strong Spirit-filled Christian that can bear fruit in life and in ministering to others and make them disciples that make disciples.

Completing this School will allow you to go on into the next levels of ministry and leadership training of University to the Nations if you so desire. You are also qualified to join us on any local or US outreaches and any short-tern missions trips we have in the future.

Once graduated from UTN you can to apply to become a part of our full or part-time ministry team and be sent out to fulfill God's call on your life with us or connected to out Network. 


Learn How to Live a Supernatural Christian Life

  1. Christian Foundations

  2. Deliverance & Soul Healing

  3. Walking with God

  4. Prayer & Intercession

  5. Healing & Deliverance Ministry

  6. Supernatural Evangelism