2021 Philippines Return

Please help us to return to the Philippines as soon as possible because the Covid Quarantines have made life a lot harder on the poor especially the children.

We only ask that you would ask God if He wants you to help and then obey what He says. He knows our abundance of personal and ministry needs and all it will take to return, live and minister to the poor children and their families there.



US Ministry & Personal Monthly Expenses- $3000

These are needed to be paid no matter where we are in the world.

PH Personal Monthly Expenses- $1,500

This is what we need to personally live in the PH and does not include ministry needs.

PH Ministry Monthly Expenses- $2,500

This is just a guesstimate to just begin weekly feedings and ministry outreach to a few children and their families. It doesn't include what it would take to run a Children's Life Center that would reach a whole neighborhood.

One Time PH Return & Start Up Expenses- $25,000

These expenses include air travel and expenses, apartment needs, motorcycle, mini 4x4 truck, sat phone, cell phones, generator, solar rechargers etc. etc.


Children's Life International has a group tax exemption and ministry covering with The Fellowship Network. 


Columbus, OH, USA

Email: childrenslifeinternational@gmail.com

Cell Phone: 1- 614-579-8384

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