CLI 2020 US Poverty Guidelines.PNG

At Children's Life International we desire everyone to be able to participate in all the ministries we offer. So we've created an income based donation system to help.

Using the above 2020 Poverty Guidelines- Annual chart we have this system.

  • 150% or less- $30 Donation

  • 150+%- 250% - $60 Donation

  • 251+%- 400% -$90 Donation

  • 400+%- $120 Donation

*Married Couple double the donation amount minus 15%​

All Fees and Tuitions Are considered Donations.

All Donations are nonrefundable.

If you are in a time of financial difficulty contact us and we can work with you. Also if you are from a developing or third world country we have ways to help you.